About RTS Financial Group LLC

RTS Financial Group LLC is a fully licensed and bonded collection agency; one of the leading commercial collection agencies in the nation we provide top quality collection services to our clients, and a variety of solutions to make the process easy, more efficient and excellent service is what sets us apart from our competitors.

Our collection professionals are fully trained to understand every aspect of our industry, allowing us to steadily increase the rate of recovery. Our agents are top notch collection professionals. We also specialize in fast recovery for business in all industries. We are proud to say, we recover money where others have not. RTS can help reduce the frustration level of debt recovery, by collecting your debts while allowing you to focus on your main business. Collection agencies can be objective in the recovery process, which often results in fast and large collections.

RTS Financial Group has set the standards in the collection industry. We offer cost affected solutions for small business and large corporation who wants to pay only when we collect. Our collection agency will offer you quality debt recovery services and provide you the peace of mind. Our experience in the collections industry has enabled our clients to enjoy the highest level of quality and service. We are committed to promptly and vigorously recovering your funds using our extensive knowledge of debt collection laws, proven debt recovery techniques, utilization of sophisticated computer systems and back by years of experience in commercial debt collection.

We will aggressively pursue your accounts, to the extent permitted by applicable law, by the way of skip tracing, collection letters, personal contact by phone, face-to-face visit, or in and advisory capacity while respecting your valuable customer relationships. Our service and personalized attention will ensure quick remittance and we’ll provide your collection management staff with prompt feedback on the status of the accounts place with RTS Financial Group.


We are the missing piece in your in-house efforts; RTS is here to help solve all your collections receivable management needs. Remember this: You are only a phone call away from RTS Financial Group, and RTS is only a phone call away from the company that owes you. Our company wants to thank you for the opportunity to serve you we look forward to a long term relationship with your company.